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Food for Thought Workshop

Explore the link between your Food, your Health & Climate Change.

The program will include highly engaging talks and interactive sessions. All are Welcome to Attend.

Saturday - 22 October 2022

2.30 PM - 6.00 PM (WA Time)

25 Yampi Way, Willetton, Perth

(Hall above Willetton Family Practice, enter from side door)

See Registration link below

For more information, please contact : 
Brother Narendra - 0438 496 040

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All are Welcome to Attend.

In today’s world in most countries, leaders, citizens, and intellectuals are all preoccupied with food security, increasing health costs, water shortage, climate change. Not only elections are fought on these issues, it is also predicted that disputes perhaps even wars between countries could be triggered over water, food and climate issues. You might wonder whether any of these issues are within your control.


This workshop will explore facets of the links between the food we consume and our physical and mental health along with climate change related issues such as emissions, lack of rain and water shortages, deforestation. In addition, we will explore how food can have an effect on our mental characteristics and even spiritual progress. 

This workshop aims at empowering you to take control of your food and health by giving you an
understanding of:

  • How food can impact our physical and mental health

  • Why there can be no one diet and nutrition plan for all humans

  • Why eating has to suit your internal energetics

  • Environmental footprint of food

  • Finding all the nutrition you need naturally and on budget

  • What we can do at individual and family level to reduce climate change effects through the food we choose.


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