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Guru Poornima Online Study Circles

Being + Awareness + Bliss = Atma (BABA)

This Guru Poornima, our Young Adults across Australia are on a quest to discover the true and divine meaning of B A B A.


"God is Sath-chith-ananda. Sath means Being, Chith means Awareness. Where the two are combined there is bliss.


That is the meaning of BABA = Being + Awareness + Bliss = Atma" - Sathya Sai Speaks, Volume 25; Chapter 29


During Guru Poornima, the young adults of Australia will unite online over 3 consecutive fortnights to delve into the meaning of BABA. In a world that has seen so much change over the last few years it now more important than ever to truly understand the one true constant, God. " God is known by various names and of these, the greatest and the most fitting is Sat chit anada" Summer showers 2000.


Are you ready uncover what the dispeller of darkness our Swami has to say about Sath (Being) Chith (Awareness) and Ananda (Bliss) and how these relate to the Atma, the God within? 


Join the rest of Australia and login into Zoom to transform and journey one more step closer to our Lord.

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