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Sri Sathya Sai Spiritual Education (SSSSE) for Children

Sri Sathya Sai Baba founded the Sri Sathya Sai Bal Vikas Program, referred to as Sri Sathya Sai Spiritual Education (SSSSE) in Australia, to enable a world-wide renewal of individual commitment to an active moral life. Thousands of children around the globe participate in Bal Vikas or SSSSE programs every week.

Sri Sathya Sai Baba says: “You must study to become steady. See to it that the Divine Love in your heart is steady. The goal of education should not be to just acquire theoretical knowledge but to practically apply it in your life. Birds and animals lead life without ‘studying’, but your education must result in you developing a strong and good character.”
The term Bal Vikas means Blossoming of Human Excellence. Human values can neither be imbibed through textbooks nor can they be gifted by anyone. They are inherent within each individual and the SSSSE program provides the right environment for these latent human values to blossom and empowers each child to unfold the innate values within oneself to the highest perfection. 
Since the focus is on bringing an intrinsic transformation within each child.

The SSSSE classes are conducted as a part of the Global Mission of the Sri Sathya Sai Organisations to direct the children of today – the torch bearers of tomorrow’s society, into the path of self-enquiry and self-discovery.


With this conviction, the SSSSE Program has been designed to help children to practice the basic human values - Sathya (Truth), Dharma (Righteousness), Shanthi (Peace), Prema (Love) and Ahimsa (Non-Violence). Each of these human values is divided into numerous Sub-Values.

Using simple teaching techniques such as: Prayer, Group Singing, Meditation, Storytelling and Group Activities, the SSSSE teachers encourage the children to become conscious about the latent potential within and orient their lives on the trajectory of human excellence. 

All our SSSSE teachers undergo rigorous training in our SSSSE Program before they commence their teaching.

Our SSSSE classes are run free of charge by our dedicated SSSSE teachers across Australia at our Sai Centres on the weekends in the following SSSSE Groups: 

SSSSE Age Groups.png

Help your child to Blossom their Human Excellence

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