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Food, drinking water & other essentials for Hawkesbury residents affected by rising flood waters.

Canned food, rice, clean drinking water, milk, other food items and personal essentials for the members of the Hawkesbury Community affected by the continuing floods from the overflowing Hawkesbury River.

More than 300,000 residents of the Hawkesbury community have been badly affected by the current floods only 12 months after the devastating floods of 2021.

Our volunteers delivered all the necessary supplies twice in 24 hours to the Hawkesbury RFS collection point at the Wiseman Ferry Bowling Club.

We are very grateful to members of our organisation and members of the public who continue to bring supplies of food and other items for the NSW flood affected communities.

We are amazed by their spirit to serve and their love for the communities affected by the floods.

This community service was done in partnership with the New South Wales Rural Fire Service, Hawkesbury Branch (just one of our partner organisations we work with across Australia)

Rising flood waters (seen on 7 March 2022) have now reached the Wisemens Ferry Food Collection Point. This area was a clear bowling green with no water on its surface just 24 hours ago.

Volunteers sorting the food and other items making it easy for residents to collect their essentials.

Local volunteers lending a hand to unload the first of two vehicles of supplies on Sunday 6 March, 2022

A local volunteer lending a hand to unload the first of two vehicles of supplies on Monday 7 March, 2022.

Our volunteer members with the local NSW Rural Fire Service volunteer team. In the background, you can see the bowling green which is now under water when we delivered supplies on Monday 7 March, 2022.


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