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Food, drinking water & other essentials for Lismore community (NSW) affected by devastating floods.

More than 5 tons of canned food, clean drinking water, bread, milk and other food & personal essentials for the members of the Lismore Community affected by the recent devastating floods was taken by our team of volunteers who travelled from Sydney to Lismore for a 22 hour roundtrip. The Lismore community has been badly affected by this one-in-500-year flood event.

We are very grateful to members of our organisation and members of the public who came forward with their generosity.

Thank you to our volunteers for their time to travel to Lismore and back.

This community service was done in partnership with the New South Wales Rural Fire Service (just one of our partner organisations we work with across Australia)

Our members unloading the first of the three vehicles in Lismore.

Our members unloading the second of the three vehicles in Lismore.

Food and personal hygiene items delivered to Lismore.

Food items delivered to Lismore.

Pasta and other food items delivered to Lismore.

Crates of bread were also taken to Lismore.

Members of the Lismore community affected by the floods getting a much needed hydration.

Food and other items being sorted and stacked into their respective collection points.

These are just some of thousands of homes badly damaged by the floods.

The main road into Lismore washed away the strong water currents.


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