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Launch of Envirocare & Liquid Love Community Service Initiativies

With Swami's Grace, we have launched 2 new Community Service Initiatives - Envirocare and Liquid Love.

The 2 new initiatives was launched via an online webinar for office bearers and members on Wednesday 20 April 2022. We are also very pleased to share that these 2 initiatives will be held 2 of our young adults.


The Envirocare initiative will explore ways how we individually, as a family, as a community and as an organisation can reduce our waste footprint and make a real difference for Mother Earth.

A number of very exciting initiatives are planned by our National Envirocare team over the next few months.


We are introducing a National LIQUID LOVE DAY which will take place once a quarter. Our first Liquid Love Day is on Saturday, 23 April. It's a day dedicated to members & devotees to donate blood, plasma or platelets for other members of our wider community.


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