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Movement Therapy Sessions for Sai Aunties & Sisters for holistic wellbeing

Our Ladies Program has started special online Movement Therapy Sessions which includes light movement, rhythm movements and well-being aspects from culture and ancient vocabulary.

The Movement Therapy Sessions enable all participants to have a holistic experience and achieve their physical, mental health, cognitive and social goals. It also provides a platform for our Aunties and Sisters to interact with each other in a comfortable setting.

The sessions are facilitated by experienced facilitators who have worked with various age groups, multicultural & people with disabilities.

Feedback from our Aunties and Sisters who participated in the previous sessions:

Sai ram. Thanks, enjoyed, loved ❤️ it.
Please send me the Zoom link for next session. Can’t wait 😊
Sai Ram Sister - Thank you so much. The session was lovely. Stretching exercises on chair. Sister (facilitator) conducted it so well. May Swami continue to bless you & your team.
I too 👌 enjoyed. Sister (facilitator) demonstrated a few useful movements/ 🏃‍♀️ exercises. Thank you
Thank you so much for organising the movement therapy session. I joined in today and loved the session. So refreshing
That was lovely. Enjoyed 🥰
It was another wonderful session. Our sincere gratitude 🙏🏽 to Sister (the facilitator) for this awesome therapy session. Loving Sairams

The sessions are conducted on Zoom from 8 PM AEST and runs for 30mins by a trained facilitator.

So please join us on Zoom and participate in these sessions from the comfort of your own homes.

For more information and date for the next session, please contact your centre ladies coordinator.


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