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National Liquid Love Day - Sharing our Love for Australia

Last Saturday, 23 April in the lead up to Sri Sathya Sai Aradhana Mahotsavam, our members from across Australia came together and shared their Liquid Love with Australia. Through the Liquid Love Community Service project, we aim to inspire our members and the wider community to share their inherent divine love by regularly donating their blood, plasma or platelets.

We are very grateful to all our members across Australia who came forward and became the Lifeblood of Australia.

Thank You to our all members who came forward and Became the Lifeblood of Australia.

Our Liquid Love Project is done in partnership with Red Cross Blood Bank.

Next National Liquid Love Day is on Saturday 23 July

It's a Thumbs Up from our Brothers who are Saving Lives through their LOVE.

It's all Smiles from one of our young adults sharing his love through his blood donation

One of young adults sharing her divine love for our Australian community.


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