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NSW Floods - food and essentials for Hawkesbury communities

More than 3 tons of canned food, rice, clean drinking water, milk, other food items and personal essentials were provided for the members of the Hawkesbury Community affected by the recent floods. This most recent supply of food & other essentials was in addition to 2 earlier deliveries of supplies.

More than 300,000 residents of the Hawkesbury community have been badly affected by the current floods only 12 months after the devastating floods of 2021.

We are thankful to the New South Wales Rural Fire Service, Hawkesbury Branch for their partnership with the NSW Floods Community Service project.

We are very grateful to members of our organisation and members of the public who continue to bring supplies of food and other items for the NSW flood affected communities. We are amazed by their spirit to serve and their love for the communities affected by the floods.

Volunteers unloading one of the four vehicles filled with supplies

Food and other supplies being unloaded before they are sorted and packed ready for distribution to families via boats by local volunteers

Our members together with the local NSW Rural Fire Servce team


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