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Rising to His Call to shape children as model citizens of tomorrow

Sri Sathya Sai Baba's say Transformation is more important than Information.

That's how He soiled the seeds of Sai Spiritual Education, SSE, on the following key principles:

The end of wisdom is freedom.
The end of culture is perfection.
The end of knowledge is love.
The end of education is character.

Members gathered at the session

Recently our South Australian Education Wing organized a full day workshop with the theme of "Rising to His Call" to spread the awareness, inspire and share the importance of Sai Spiritual Education (SSE).

A glimpse from one of the presentations

The workshop included presentations by Brother Krish Naidoo, our National Education Coordinator in the morning for the SSE Teachers and the afternoon session included discussions with SSE parents, teachers and all other members. In line with the theme, local and national team members shared their spiritual journey and experiences relating to SSE.

Mangala Aaathi for our beloved Swami

At the end of day, participants of the workshop left with even more wisdom, optimism and energized ready to "Rise to His Call"


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