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Sai members across Australia are stepping up on Sunday 5 March to Clean Up Australia

Australia like many other developed countries across the world has a major rubbish issue with plastic waste a major contributor of this.

Our members including SSE children, Young Adults and adults from across Australia participate every year in the Annual Clean Up Australia whcih takes place on the first Sunday of March. Last year, our members joined nearly 1 million Australians for Clean Up Australia to clean up litter at our parks, beaches, bushland and roadways.

According to Clean Up Australia's 2022 Rubbish report, plastics account for nearly 65% of the rubbish removed, a 17% increase from 2021.

This year, our Organisation has registered 18 "Clean Up sites" across Australia. Details for all sites can be found here -

So Step Up across Australia this coming Sunday, 5 March and Save Mother Earth.


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