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Serving those less fortunate to celebrate Swami's 97 Years of Pure Love

Our South Australia SAI family organised two community service activities as part of Swami's 97th Birthday Celebrations and to put Swami's universal message of "LOVE ALL SERVE ALL" into practice.

On 26 November, 40 of centre members gathered at the Clarence Park Community Hall and packed almost 120 bags of dry fruit and nuts for those less forunate in our community. All the dry fruits, nuts and packaging were all provided by our devotees. Our SSE children decorated the bags and also created hand-written Christmas cards which were placed into each bag.

Our members packing and labelling the dry fruits and nuts

The 120 bags were later provided to the Hutt Street Centre (an organisation that takes care of the homeless people in South Adelaide) and the Otherway Centre (an NGO supporting the Aboriginal community). With the blessings of Swami, this service activity was enjoyed by all members.

Our SSE Children making Christmas cards before they were placed into each of the 120 bags

On 4 December, 100 food packs were cooked and served to those less fortunate and currently without a shelter in Adelaide City in partnership with Fred’s Van mobile food service. The warm meals consisted of a chickpea curry, mixed vegetables, rotis, rice, papads, bananas and sweets.

Food packs with warm and delicious food was packed in recycled cardboard boxes

Our members preparing for the food distribution.

The devotees who participated in this for the first time felt that it was a pretty rewarding experience to serve the homeless people.


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