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Water & Power facilities for Sri Lanka village community.

As we all know very well how our Beloved Bhagawan fulfilled the three wishes of His Divine Mother Easwaramma by providing water, education, and medical facilities, we, His children having experienced His Love now have a noble opportunity to show our gratitude by following His footprints. It is indeed His blessings that we are launching our first water project!

On this year’s auspicious occasion of Maha Shivaratri, we are very happy to inform you all that by The Divine Grace of our beloved Sai Siva we will be launching a water & power project in Thirukkovil Kudinilam, a remote village in Sri Lanka.

Thirukkovil Kudinilam is a very remote & poor village in the Eastern Province Region of Sri Lanka, which is still recovering and rebuilding from the aftermath of the civil war.

The village has a total population of approximately 5762 people, and they mostly rely on agricultural farming for their daily needs.

The families in the village are in dire need of so many amenities and it’s a blessed opportunity for our members to render support to this community.

In collaboration with SSSGC Sri Lanka team, we have identified a number of sustainable projects that we can undertake to support the families in this village.

They include:

  • Providing Water Supply from main source to poor families

  • Connection of electricity for dwellings

  • Providing new housings to families

  • Renovation or upgrading of homes for families.

  • Providing Sanitisation for dwellings

  • Livelihood Support to needy families.

As a first offering, we will be embarking on providing Water Supply & Electricity to the needy families in this village.


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