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Zone 3 devotees experience the divine spirit of Christmas in Prasanthi

After lining up at 4.45 am for early morning Darshan, our Zone 3 devotees were blessed to sing Christmas Carols in Sai Kulwant Hall at 6.30 AM

The early morning carols boosted energy levels and enhanced everyone’s strong Christmas spirit. This feeling was further amplified as the voices of the Pilgrims echoed harmoniously in Sai Kulwant Hall at Swami’s Sannidhi. The love flowed through from the pilgrims to other devotees gathered for the early morning Carols creating an overwhelming sensation that left everyone speechless and emotional.

Christmas in Prasanti is a Christmas like no other. The excitement continued with morning Darshan that left everyone well and truly in the Christmas spirit. With Santa and his elves dancing around everywhere and the Prasanti Mandir Bhajan group blessing our ears with beautiful carols and bhajans, it was impossible not to feel Swami in the air and in ourselves as we reflected on the true meaning of Christmas.

As SSE and YA practices continued, the Christmas spirit remained high and everyone deeply enjoyed and valued the opportunity to have a Christmas free from distractions, and to truly realise what a blessed life Swami has made for us.

We could not have asked for a better Christmas, celebrating Swami with our fellow brothers and sisters.


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