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Bhajans by Candle lights - Earth Hour Offering

A special Candle Light Bhajan was organised by our Sai Young Adults of Victoria to observe Earth Hour on Saturday 26 March.

It was a time to come together during Earth Hour to raise our awareness and send positive energy and vibrations across the world. Members were encouraged to bring along a used empty Glass Jar without labels.

The Young Adults beautifully decorated each Jar with a coloured paper around the outside and placed a tea light candle inside. After the bhajans, members had the opportunity to take the candles back to their homes to spread the light of love and awareness for Mother Earth.

Significance of Earth Hour

Earth Hour is about more than just switching off for sixty minutes. Millions of people around the world in over 190 countries and territories take part in Earth Hour as a pledge to help conserve and protect Mother Earth. a symbolic display of their commitment to the planet.

Our members participating in this special Earth Hour bhajans.

Special Aarti being offered for the Earth Hour bhajans.


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