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Sai Centre of Adelaide Central embraces new ways to care for Mother Earth

In conjunction with Plastic Free July, the Sai Centre of Adelaide Central organised several activities for its members. The month started with the the screening of a short movie called “The Story of Bottled Water” which was then followed by a quiz helping to again highlight how we can

In week 2, our guest speaker, Susan Lloyd, spoke about two Sustainable Organisations in Adelaide, the Boomerang Bags, an organisation that brings together community groups to make reusable bags using recycled or unwanted materials to replace plastic bags and Repair Café, cafes are where people can bring their broken items and sit with skilled volunteers while they are fixed.

In week 3, our guest speaker was from Plant life essentials who shared some information on how cleaning can be made fun and simple using only natural ingredients while reducing waste.

Finally, the members had a digital presentation of Children’s posters with the theme “Stop Plastic Pollution”. It was an amazing effort by the eleven children who participated in the activity. This was followed by a Certificate of Participation presentation ceremony to the children.

As Swami said – "The universe is the 'university' for man. Man should treat nature with reverence".

Overall, it was an eventful Plastic Free July month at the Centre – there was something for everyone.

Members viewing the Children's presentation “Stop Plastic Pollution"

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