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1,500+ Hearts Sri Sathya Sai Ke Saath - Swami's 98th Birthday Celebrations across Australia

More than 1,500 devotees (hearts) had the blessed opportunity to be with our Sri Sathya Sai (Sri Sathya Sai Ke Saath) and participate in the most auspicious and joyous occasion of Bhagawan's 98th Birthday Celebrations at our Sai Centres and region program across Australia.

Our members and devotees from eastern seaboard states of New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, inland ACT all the way to South Australia and across to the west coast in Western Australia celebrated this joyous occasion with a mix of melodious songs and dramas offered by our SSE children and young adults that captured the Hearts of devotees with eternal feeling of infinite love for our sweet Lord.

Altars for every offering was decorated to welcome Swami to His program by our Aunties and Sisters. Devotees all joined in for the melodious & enchanting bhajans sung by our members expressing their unwavering love for our Swami. Every program had a spectacular design and tasty cakes that were prepared by Aunties and Sisters for our beloved Swami and for devotees to enjoy. And to keep our energies high, our Uncles and Brothers joined by our Aunties and Sisters nourished us with prasadam and Maha Prasadam.

We would like to thank all our members who have busily preparing for this year's Birthday Celebrations and to all our devotees and members for their participation in this special celebrations.

Devotees participating in the New South Wales Birthday Celebrations

Devotees experiencing the bliss of divine love in Victoria.

Devotees participating in the South Australia Birthday Celebrations

Devotees participating in our Queensland Birthday Celebrations

Special Altar and Birthday Cake for Swami for His98th Birthday Celebrations


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