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Multiple faiths - One Voice, One Message : Live in Love & Harmony

Sydney which has a vibrant mosaic of cultures and beliefs, recently witnessed a special "Prayers for World Peace" multi-faith program organised by our organisation and hosted by the Uniting Church of Australia. The program was held at the Pitt Street Uniting Church in the heart of the Sydney CDB which was first established in the early 1840s.

Members of the wider community inside the historic church

The program embraced the rich tapestry of religious traditions present in Sydney. Leaders from the various faiths, including Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Judaism and Buddhism converged to celebrate their unique beliefs while emphasising the shared values of love, harmony, peace, and unity.

Imam Qammaru Zaman (representing Islam) praying with other faith leaders

The overarching message was one of inclusivity and respect for all paths to spirituality. Leaders from each faith delivered messages of compassion, tolerance, and the importance of standing united in a world filled in the midst of social unrest and turmoil across the globe.

We would like to thank and acknowledge the following faith leaders for their contribution to the special prayer program:

  • Reverand Dr. Josephine Inkpin from the Pitt Street Uniting Church (and also the gracious host of the program)

  • Venerable Chueh Shan from the Abbes Of Nan Tien Temple in Parramatta

  • Imam Qammaru Zaman from the Imam Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in Western Sydney

  • Ian Abrahams for his message on behalf of the Jewish Community and

  • Brother Sridhar Subramanyam for sharing the universal message from Hinduism.

An elder from the local aborginal community welcomed all to the special prayers

A special thanks to all our members and volunteers who helped to organise and support the program.


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