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17,795 trees and shrubs planted by 300 + members across Australia


National Tree Planting Day is an annual event in Australia started in 1996 which is an opportunity for all Australians to get their hands soiled with nature, give back to their community and make a meaningful and real difference for Mother Earth.

Trees are natural carbon absorbers as they capture the carbon from our atmosphere. The timber they produce is also an important, environmentally friendly building material because it stores carbon and is a renewable resource. So it's important we continue to plant trees and look after our natural environment helping to restore the imbalance with our flora, fauna and wildlife from the over deforestation and urbanisation. This year, more then 300 members joined by many members of the wider community from across Australia had the blessed opportunity to plant more 17,790 trees and shrubs in specific council hosted tree planting events over 2 days. The planting of these trees and shrubs is part of a National Community project to plant 10 Million Trees by Swami's Cenetary Celebrations.

We are thankful to our all members & volunteers including SSE children, young adults and our adults for coming forward and giving their time to care & look after Mother Nature.

One of our SSE children planting trees in New South Wales

Our members in South Australia

One of our members in Queensland

One of our members helping the SSE children to plant a tree

Our young adults in Victoria

Our members in Canberra


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