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Finally Home - Our Journey to Prasanthi

The countdown to our 2022 Zone 3 Prasanthi Pilgrimage concluded this evening with about 250 pilgrims from across Australia and New Zealand participating in a special Satsang in the North Indian Canteen Hall.

Day 1 of our Prasanthi Pilgrimage commences tomorrow on the morning of 22 December with morning Darshan.

The Day began with many more pilgrims arriving in Prasanthi today. The thrill of entering the Prasanthi Nilayam gate provides an excitement like no other. With many more pilgrims arriving in Prasanthi today compared to the last few days, the familiar faces along with the unwavering and limitless love of Swami filled the Divine Air creating an atmosphere that can only be described and experienced when one arrives Home.

From the Pilgrims who arrived today, it is clear that this pilgrimage means even more to everyone due to all the uncertainty of these past couple of years.

This evening's Satsang included a special inspiring and heartfelt message from Brother Sundar Swaminathan, Director of the Sri Sathya Sai Media Centre.

We are grateful to Swami for bringing us home to His Divine Lotus Feet.

Pilgrims taking part in an Ice Breaker session where there was a lot of excitement and opportunity to know each other

Brother Sundar from the Media Centre addressing our pilgrims.


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