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Food Hampers for the needy community members in Parramatta

Every Tuesday members of the SAI Centre of Westmead provide food hampers which includes bakery items, drinks and fruits to the needy members of the community in Parramatta. This project has been ongoing on a weekly basis since September 2021, even during the height of Covid.

This weekly community service project is done in partnerships with other community organizations such as OZ Harvest, Helping Homeless Australia & Paramatta Council.

Around 65 -70 community members in need gather every Tuesday and are receive personalised food hampers based on their individual needs.

Ready to eat food is popular among the “rough sleepers” who don’t have access to a kitchen and they sleep on benches and other areas. Some community have kitchens and are happy to receive the food hampers.

The weekly community service project has been made possible by the members from the Sai Centre of Westmead, who live upto Swami's clarion call of “Love All – Serve All “ in practical ways.

Food items included in the dry food hampers

Community members receiving their dry food hampers


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