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My Journey with Swami

I came into the loving fold of Bhagawan late in life some 16 years ago. Whilst I am married to a long time devotee of Sri Sathya Sai, my journey to Sai began specifically on June 25 2007 at midday in the surgery of my local GP (in Sydney) whereby I discovered that he too was a longtime devotee of Sai Baba.

My reason for this visit was to determine why I was not feeling happy with my direction in life. My GP, in analysing my plight, determined that my spiritual progress was being hampered by my consumption of meat and alcohol.

After a long consultation (over 1hr) I had what could only be described as a "lightning bolt experience" of meat and alcohol abstinence such was the powerful messages I received. I have not reverted since that meeting.

Swami has stated that if you are sincerely seeking a Divine path then a Guru will find you and show you the way forward.

From this starting point my "Journey with Sai" became a rapid experience of Divine joy. I immediately joined the Sai Organisation and experienced the life I was yearning for. My GP and I forged a very strong association which has lasted to this day. Swami answered all questions I had pondered on since my youth.

The pinnacle of my journey, so far, was a pilgrimage we took to India in 2009 where I experienced numerous Divine blessings and spent 11 days in the presence of Bhagawan that will stay with me always.

This is just a short excerpt of "My Journey with Sai" and I look forward to furthering this wonderful journey.

Jai Sai Ram

Brian Champness


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