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Putting the "Y" in Young Adult - Online Session for Young Adults across Australia'

With Swami's Divine Guidance, young adults from all over Australia participated in an Online Session on 27 May 2024 titled, "The "Y" in Young Adult.'

The session gave our young adults the opportunity to explore:

  • Why Swami had developed the Young Adult program

  • What Swami expects of us as Young Adults

  • How we should run the Young Adult program within the Organisation

Senior members of the organisation, including the Zone 3 Chair, National President and Deputy National President of Australia addressed the Young Adults and shared their invaluable advice.

Our former National Young Adult Coordinators presented on various topics and facilitated breakout sessions which led to very fruitful discussions and reflections on Swami's message for young adults.

With Swami’s blessings, the Young Adults of Australia will endeavour to value and make the most of this phase of young adulthood and understand that our commitment to Swami is a lifelong journey.

We would like to thank all our presenters and young adults for their active participation in this online session.


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