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1,400 birthing kits for new mothers to welcome their babies in a safe & clean environment.

The birth of a new born baby is a very special moment for families across the globe and we expect their birth to be a safe and clean environment. Yet for many millions of mothers in African and many other developing countries, they give birth to their new new borns at home in an unhygienic setting.

Birthing kits give doctors, midwives, nurses and traditional birthing attendants in remote African and developing countries the necessary items to help mothers to welcome their new borns in safe and hygienic way. The birthing kits support hygienic birthing practices in these under-resourced and remote communities.

Each birthing kit contains:

  • Pair of Gloves: To cover the Birth attendant’s hands and protection from infections.

  • Gauze x 5: To wipe clear the newborn baby’s eyes and for the mother’s usage.

  • Plastic Sheet: To prevent the mother and newborn contacting the unhygienic surface.

  • Soap: To wash the birth attendant’s hands and for the mother’s usage.

  • Cord Ties: To cleanly tie the umbilical cord.

  • Sterile Blade: To cut the umbilical cord cleanly and reduce the risk of newborn tetanus and sepsis.

  • Zip lock bags: To enclose all items.

With Swami's Grace, about 35 members from our New South Wales Region West recently gathered and packed 1,400 birthing kits. The packing of the kits have to be done in a very hygienic way and members were provided with disinfectant /anti-

bacterial spray on each table to maintain the hygienic process. Sai bhajans played through the entire session sending Swami's divine love to mothers and their new borns and also giving our members positive energy.

All packs will be sent by Kit International (our service partner) to remote communities in Africa and many other developing countries.

We thank all our members who contribued to this noble community service initiative and all members who supported in the packing of the kits.

Our members packing the plastic sheet and other items in the kit.

Our members packing the various items in a coordinated way into each kit.


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