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Sri Lankan families receive grocery packs of much needed food & other essentials.

With Swami's Infinite Grace, 250 families across several villages in Sri Lanka received food and grocery packs as part of our initial response to the humantarian crisis now unfolding in Sri Lanka. This special Grama Seva initiative has provided much needed relief to families in Sri Lanka who are in dire need of the basic essentials.

Members of Thirukkovil Kudinilam village, our adopted village were also served.

This community service was undertaken in collaboration with our sister organisation in Sri Lanka - the Sri Sathya Sai Global Council Sri Lanka. We are aiming to provide food & grocery packs to 500 - 800 families.

We are deeply grateful to the continued generosity and love of our members in serving the Sri Lankan communities.

Families in Thirukkovil Kudinilam village waiting before the grocery packs are given to them

The smile says it all. A member of the local village is estatic after receiving her grocery pack - a bundle of our love.

Families in Valathapitiya village gather in the local Sai Centre to receive their grocery packs.


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